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Date:Thursday 1 January 1970
Track RefereeJeane Doy
Chief JudgeLawrence Gilfrin
Track StewardsAnne Flitcroft; Natalie Gilfrin
Track JudgesWendy Dunsford; Shelagh Harrigan; Chas Harvey; Richie Pearson; Eileen Williams; Terry Williams
Chief TimekeeperPam Rogers
TimekeepersSteve Baldwin; Mike Barratt; Graham Bungay; Pam Bungay; Stan Burton; David Churcher; Alan Ive; Chris Jones
Timekeepers' StewardRos Gilfrin
Chief StarterJanet Smith
StarterSarah Hine
Chief Starter's AssistantSteve Gallaway
Starter's AssistantsPeter Anthony; Jack Hempstead
AnnouncerRoland Yeomans

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