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ESAA Regional Combined Events

Date:Sunday 23 June 2019 - 10:00
Meeting ManagerEileen Williams
Assistant Meeting ManagerPeter Shilling (Surrey)
Girls RefereeAlison Friend (Duty Sheet)
Boys RefereeMark Flitcroft
Chief JudgeTerry Williams
Track StewardGeoff Snell (Kent)
Track JudgesHazel Bates; Shelagh Harrigan; Wendy Littlejohns; Jim McGregor (Trainee); Jackie Tobin; Timmy Asepo (Surrey); Paul Tunnacliffe (Surrey, am only)
Chief Photo FinishSteve Baldwin
Photo Finish JudgesAnn Thatcher; Jeane Coker (Middlesex)
Photo Finish TechnicianJohn Tobin
Chief TimekeeperAlan Ive
TimekeepersHelen Hart; Ken Littlejohns; Gary Trendell (Trainee); Paul Trincas (Berks)
Chief StarterMatt Bartlett
StarterSteve Gallaway
Chief Starter's AssistantJemma Bates
Clerk of the CourseJack Hempstead
Field JudgesPeter Anthony; Roger Doust; Jeane Doy; Anne Flitcroft; Liz Flitcroft; Maggie Flitcroft; Mike Luke; Peter Nicholson; Eddie Oliver; Ewan Simmonds; Lisa Trendell (Trainee); Helen Apsey (Berks); Sue Bishop (Berks); Ken Burkett (Kent); Mandeep Chalal (Middlesex); David Cordell (Kent); Tony Fullbrook (Kent); Judith Lasis (Sussex); Nigel Nelson (Surrey); Richard Weston (Surrey); Jill Wright (Berks)
AnnouncerIan Byett
ResultsBrian Charlton (Kent)

Please contact your Chief/Referee direct if, for any reason, you are unable to attend or have any other queries.

These appointments were last updated on 24 April 2019.