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HSAA Championships

Date:Saturday 8 June 2019 - 10:00
Meeting ManagerEileen Williams
Assistant Meeting ManagerJackie Tobin
Track RefereeJohn Tobin
Chief JudgeIan Friend
Track StewardWendy Littlejohns
Asst Track StewardTerry Williams
Clerks of the CourseGraham Bungay; Tunde Cole; Steve Snodden
Track JudgesCharles Bromley Gardner; Steve Davis; Felicity Edwards; Wendy Embling; Jo Fields; Shelagh Harrigan; Chas Harvey; Wendy Haxell; Richie Pearson; Jez Pigden (From 14 00); Jane Robertson (Trainee); Emma Scoggins; Jane Scott (From 13 30)
Chief TimekeeperKen Littlejohns
TimekeepersSteve Baldwin; Mike Barratt; Mike Billington; Pam Bungay; Stan Burton; Alison Fenwick; Tim Hall; Tim Odell; Steve Richardson; Neil Wells
Timekeepers' StewardPam Rogers
Chief StarterDoug Scott
StartersMatt Bartlett; Lucy Rogers
Chief Starter's AssistantSteve Gallaway
Starter's AssistantsSarah Hine; Andy Knapton; Mike Neighbour; Janet Smith
Technical Managers/Clerks of the CourseMurray Croton; Liz Flitcroft; Paul Kirkpatrick?
Field Referee (Jumps)John Stansfield (Duty Sheet)
Field Referee (Throws)Malcolm Wise
Field JudgesPeter Anthony; Tony Bateman; Simon Brain (Trainee); Peter Darts; Jeane Doy; Paul Duxbury; Anne Flitcroft; Maggie Flitcroft; Mark Flitcroft; Alison Friend; Ros Gilfrin; Karin Gray?; David Haines; Jack Hempstead (Competing SB Hammer); Paul Hillyard; Annie Jones; Mike Luke; Eddie Oliver; Debbie Percy; Pearl Phillips; Carol Quinn; Malcolm Rogers; Ewan Simmonds; Duncan Smith; Caris Stoller?; Terese Swain; Vicki Taylor; Gary Trendell (Trainee); Lisa Trendell (Trainee); Pete Wareing
AnnouncersIan Byett; Roland Yeomans
ResultsRichard Dean

Please contact your Chief/Referee direct if, for any reason, you are unable to attend or have any other queries.

These appointments were last updated on 13 May 2019.