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Date:Thursday 1 January 1970
Meeting ManagerEileen Williams
Event and Field RefereePaul Hillyard
Chief JudgeWendy Littlejohns
Track JudgesSteve Davis; Jeane Doy; Wendy Dunsford; Shelagh Harrigan; Steve Mills
Chief TimekeeperSteve Baldwin
TimekeepersMike Barratt; David Churcher; Stuart Horsewood (Trainee); Alan Ive; Ken Littlejohns; Pam Rogers
Starter/Starters AssistantsSarah Hine; Janet Smith
Field JudgesLisa Baker; Tony Bateman; Ernie Chambers; John Fuller; John Hoare; Dave McManus; Malcolm Rogers; Terese Swain; Eric Tilbury; Roland Yeomans
AnnouncerIan Byett
ResultsTerry Williams

Please contact your Chief/Referee direct if, for any reason, you are unable to attend or have any other queries.