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Aldershot Schools Senior Championships

Date:Tuesday 21 May 2019 - 10:00
Track RefereeJeane Doy
Track JudgesCharles Bromley Gardner; Jane Scott; Jackie Tobin?; John Tobin?; Eileen Williams; Terry Williams
Chief TimekeeperStan Burton
TimekeepersSteve Baldwin?; Ginge Gough (Trainee); Ann Thatcher; Caroline Walker (Berks); Geoff Wickens (Wilts)
Chief StarterDoug Scott
StarterDebbie Percy
Chief Starter's AssistantMike Neighbour
Starter's AssistantWendy Dunsford
Field RefereePeter Anthony
Field JudgesNatalie Gilfrin; Ros Gilfrin; David Haines; Caris Stoller; School Staff
AnnouncerRoland Yeomans
Announcer's AsstEdward Pumfrey

Please contact your Chief/Referee direct if, for any reason, you are unable to attend or have any other queries.

These appointments were last updated on 15 May 2019.