Hampshire Cross Country League
Annual General Meeting
Friday 29 June 2012
River Park Leisure Centre, Winchester

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Ken Littlejohns (Chairman); Alan Ive (Secretary/Men's Results); Mike Scoggins (Treasurer).
Wendy Littlejohns (BMHAC), Emma Scoggins, Mark Dennison (Overton Harriers), Helen Dobinson (Andover),Ray Stevens (Reading AC), Franklyn Young (Winchester & District), Mick Anglim (Hardley Runners), Graeme Lowndes (Winchester & District), Ian Banks (Hardley Runners), David Vosser (Winchester & District), Lucy May (Stubbington Green), Alan Coveney (Winchester & District)


Ian Byett (BMHAC), John O'Connor (BMHAC), Andy Fisher (Southampton), Alan Coveney (Winchester & District), Pam Rogers (Ladies' Results), Peter Coupland (New Forest Runners)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.35pm. All present were asked to introduce themselves.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Read, accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting held on 8th July 2011. Acceptance was proposed by Graeme Lowndes, seconded by Helen Dobinson.

Matters Arising


Chairman's Report

Thank you for your attendance tonight.

I am pleased to say that the league has enjoyed another successful season. Fixtures were not interrupted by bad weather and we thank the host clubs - Winchester AC, Chichester Runners, Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, Bournemouth AC and City of Salisbury AC - for organizing such good events. I thank Bournemouth for stepping in this season after a gap of several years.

We are most grateful to Mike Gratton and 2:09 Events for their sponsorship of the awards. Mike has agreed to sponsor the league for one more season which means we must look for a new sponsor for the 2013/14 season.

I also thank the committee for their hard work.

There were 2921 finishers in total for the season and with club subscriptions totalling 2170 this meant that the average cost to each runner was 74p. What value!

However with our overall cost rising we need to look how we fund the league in future years. More from the Treasurer later.

Secretary's Report

Alan began by commenting on the achievement of the full five fixtures at the third time of asking. Alan closed by thanking all host clubs, officials, marshals, etc.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer stated that he would be stepping down at the end of the coming season.

Copies of the accounts were circulated and are attached. Expenditure over Income was 638.54. This was greater than expected, due to five clubs not renewing. David Vosser was thanked for auditing the accounts.

Acceptance was proposed by Graeme Lowndes, seconded by Helen Dobinson.

Election of Officers

It was proposed that the officers be re-elected en bloc. Acceptance was proposed by Graeme Lowndes, seconded by David Vosser.

New Membership Affiliation/Resignation

There was nothing to report at this early stage.

Affiliation Fees

An increase from 70 to 80 was approved unanimously.

Amendments to Constitution

  • Section 4: "affiliated to the SEAA" amended to "affiliated to England Athletics".
  • Section 8: "Any club failing to pay their affiliation fees in accordance with the League's rules will be notified in writing. If payment remains withheld the offending club will be expelled from the League for the following season." amended to "Any club failing to pay their affiliation fees by 31st October of the current season will be notified by suitable means (e.g. letter, email). Offending clubs will be liable to a 10-00 late payment penalty charge in addition to the normal League affiliation fee."

Events Photographers

It was agreed that professional event photographers (Richer Sea Photography) would be invited to fixtures, subject to approval by the individual fixture organisers.

Under 11 Races

It was agreed that each individual fixture organiser could put on an Under 11 race, if they wished, but there is no obligation and there will be no awards from the League.

Dates, Venues and Host Clubs for Season 2012/2013

Confirmed List:

Date Venue Host club
13 Oct 2012 Farley Mount Winchester and District AC
10 Nov 2012 Goodwood Chichester Runners and AC
1 Dec 2012 Popham Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC
12 Jan 2013 King's Park Bournemouth AC
9 Feb 2013 Hudson's Field City of Salisbury ARC

Presentation of Popplewell Trophy

This will be done at the first fixture (Farley Mount).

Any Other Business


The meeting closed at 8.17pm.

2:09 Events Hampshire Cross Country League
Accounts for year ended 31st May 2012

Income 2011/12 2010/11 Expenditure 2011/12 2010/11
Subscriptions 2170.00 2450.00 Affiliation to EA 0.00 100.00
Sponsorship 500.00 500.00 Hall Hire AGM 32.00 30.00
Bank Interest 1.80 1.79 Trophies & engraving 469.06 825.00
Popplewell Trophy 0.00 225.00 Results envelopes 230.88 0.00
      Popplewell trophy 6.50 175.00
      Fixture Costs    
      Facilities Hire 1052.50 696.25
      Portaloo Hire 954.00 1052.32
      First Aid cover 565.40 274.00
      Total Fixture Costs 2571.90 2022.57
Overall Totals       3310.34 3152.57
Excess Expenditure over Income   -638.54 24.22
League funds      
Brought forward from 2010/11   5705.61  
Deduct excess Expenditure over Income   -638.54  
Balance at 31st May 2012   5067.07  
Represented by: Current Account 1872.38  
  Deposit Account 3194.69  
  Cash in Hand 0.00  
Total   5067.07  

Note: The current account contains the residue of the monies donated towards the Popplewell Trophy. There was expenditure of 6-50 on the Trophy and the balance now stands at 43-50.

Mike Scoggins
Hon. Treasurer
7th June 2012

Cost by Activity

  Farley Mount      
    Toilets 300.00  
    Course charge 660.00  
    First Aid cover 93.60 1053.60
    Toilets 456.00  
    First Aid cover 167.00 623.00
    Toilets 198.00  
    Facilities hire 243.50  
    First Aid cover 120.00 561.50
    Facilities hire 149.00  
    First Aid cover 184.80 333.80
  Match totals     2571.90
Other costs        
    Trophies & engraving   475.56
    Admin   32.00
    Results envelopes   230.88
Total       3310.34

Treasurer's Report

It is immediately apparent that expenditure far exceeded income during the 2011/12 season. Part of this overspend was forecast last year where some of the League's reserves would be used instead of increasing club affiliation fees. It was not foreseen, however, that five clubs would not renew their membership for 2011/12, reducing income by 350.

On the expenditure side the cost of trophies and engraving was significantly reduced. This was due to the efforts of Pam Rogers who identified and oversaw the provision of different medals to those used previously. This resulted in the cost remaining within the League's budget for trophies of 500, our sponsorship from 2:09 Events.

Fixture costs for the 2011/12 season were significantly higher than the previous season largely due to the use of Bournemouth for our fifth fixture. Only four fixtures were held during 2010/11. Detailed costs for each fixture are given above.

Regarding the coming season, it is clear that losses as seen in 2011/12 are unsustainable in the long term, although the League's reserves are quite adequate. It is, therefore, proposed that club affiliation fees for 2012/13 are increased to 80 per club. It is my belief that the League cannot be financed solely by continually increasing affiliation fees and there needs to be serious thought given to ways of increasing income or controlling fixture costs.

Mike Scoggins
27th June 2012

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