Hampshire Schools' Athletic Association
Track & Field Championships 2021
Saturday 12 June at Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth


Senior Boys Intermediate Boys Junior Boys
Senior Girls Intermediate Girls Junior Girls

Athlete Information

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Congratulations on being selected to represent your District at the Hampshire Schools Athletics Championships on Saturday 12th June!

We are delighted to be able to host an event this year but due to Covid safety guidance you must make sure you read the following information carefully before the day.

  • Each athlete will be able to attend the event with 1 adult only. This is to ensure we do not exceed the maximum number of people allowed within the venue.
  • You must enter and exit via the signposted gates to create a one-way system.
  • Before the day you must ensure that you have given your District Team manager a contact email address. We must have these for Track and Trace purposes. We will also use email addresses to make nominations for the English Schools Championships. Please if you are unsure of your District contact. (A list of District contacts is also available here.)
  • When you arrive at the venue you must register with your District Team. Each team will have an allocated space. You must remain in that space, with the adult who accompanied you, until you begin your event. Within this area you must remain socially distanced when at all possible. When you are competing your accompanying adult may view from the team base or from one of two marked areas (roped areas at each end of the stadium). Within these areas spectators must remain socially distanced.
  • Your District will supply you with a vest to compete in. In some Districts vests are limited. Please bring with you a school vest, club vest or plain white top to compete in, if needed. Please also bring 8 safety pins to attach your numbers onto your vest.
  • Please arrive in plenty of time. If you are bringing your own throwing implement this must be weighed 45 minutes before your event. If you have blocks you may use them in all Time Trials and Finals. You may not borrow blocks from the venue.
  • Track athletes must arrive at the start of their race 10 minutes before the published start time. Field athletes must arrive at their field event 20 minutes before the published start time.
  • In all Field events each athlete will have 3 attempts. Any athlete achieving the County Standard will receive 1 further attempt.
  • Results from the Championships will not be printed or displayed on the day. They will be announced at the venue and published on the Hampshire Athletics website throughout the day. Please do not approach the announcers' box for information.
  • After your event you must hand in your vest and leave the venue. Due to number restrictions, where at all possible, your must leave the venue with your accompanying adult. If you have multiple events you may wish to sit in the adjacent park with your accompanying adult between events.
  • You may only access the inside space at the Mountbatten Centre to use the toilets.
  • You must follow all instructions from officials. Due to Covid guidance there may be some changes from the last time you competed. A Covid officer will be monitoring the event to ensure correct procedures are being followed.
  • There will be no changes to events or late entries accepted.

Please ensure you follow the guidance above. We are looking forward to hosting a Championships this year. Good Luck!

Download athlete information (pdf)



11.00T1200mJGTIME TRIAL (2 races)10.30F1HammerJG/JB
 T2200mJBFINAL F2Pole VaultJG/JB
11.15T31500mJGFINAL11.00F3Long JumpJG
11.30T480mHJBFINAL F4JavelinJB
11.40T575mHJGFINAL11.15F5Triple JumpJB
11.50T61500mJBFINAL F6ShotJG
12.05T7100mJGHeats (3 races)12.00F7High JumpJB
 T8100mJBHeats (2 races) F8DiscusJB
12.25T9800mJGTIME TRIAL (2 races) F9JavelinJG
 T10800mJBTIME TRIAL (2 races)12.45F10High JumpJG
12.50T11300mJBFINAL F11ShotJB
 T12300mJGFINAL F12DiscusJG
13.10T13100mJGFINAL F13Long JumpJB

INTER (Years 10/11) & SENIOR EVENTS (Years 12/13)

 T16100mHIB/SGFINAL F15Pole VaultIG/IB/SB/SG
 T17110mHSBFINAL14.00F16Long JumpIG/SG
14.30T18800mIBTIME TRIAL (2 races) F17JavelinIB/SB
 T19800mIGTIME TRIAL (2 races)14.15F18Triple JumpIB/SB
15.00T21100mIBHeats (3 races)15.00F20High JumpIB/SB
 T22100mIGFINAL F21DiscusIG/SG
 T23100mSG/SBFINALS (2 races) F22JavelinIG/SG
15.25T241500mSCIG/SGFINAL F23Triple JumpIG/SG
15.40T251500mIB/SBFINALS (2 races)15.45F24High JumpIG/SG
16.05T27200mIGTIME TRIAL (2 races) F26Long JumpIB/SB
 T28200mIBTIME TRIAL (2 races) F27ShotIG/SG
17.20T35400mIB/SBTIME TRIAL (2 races) + FINAL

Download timetable (pdf)