Hampshire Cross Country League
Annual General Meeting
Friday 13 June 2014
River Park Leisure Centre, Winchester

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Ken Littlejohns (Chairman); Alan Ive (Secretary/Men's Results); Elizabeth Flitcroft (Treasurer); Pam Rogers (Ladies' Results); Wendy Littlejohns (BMHAC); Ian Graham (Bournemouth); Phil Budd (City of Portsmouth); Alan Coveney (Winchester & District); Ian Byett (BMHAC); David Vosser (Winchester & District); Peter Haynes (Southampton); Kaye Adamson (Southampton); John Blake (Stubbington Green); Sean Holmes (Overton Harriers); David Haines (Fleet & Crookham); Marilyn Crocker (Victory AC); Ian Banks (Hardley Runners); John Hoare (Overton Harriers); Mark Pavey (Poole AC); Karen D'Santos (Aldershot, Farnham & District); Daisy D'Santos (Aldershot, Farnham & District)


Helen Dobinson (Andover); Ray Stevens (Reading AC); Mick Anglim (Hardley Runners); Tim Wilding (New Forest Junior AC); Andy Fisher (Southampton)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm. All present were asked to introduce themselves.

Presentation of Popplewell Trophy

Before the meeting commenced, the Popplewell Trophy, awarded posthumously to Graeme Lowndes, was presented to his widow.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Read, accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting held on 7th June 2013.

Matters Arising


Chairman's Report

The Chairman thanked the clubs who organised the fixtures.

Secretary's Report

The Secretary thanked all for their patience and tolerance of errors in race results.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer presented the accounts for the past season.

Copies of the accounts were circulated. Income over Expenditure was 120.50. David Vosser was thanked for auditing the accounts. Acceptance was proposed by Ian Byett, seconded by Phil Budd.

New Membership Affiliation/Resignation

There was nothing to report at this early stage.

Amendments to Constitution/Affiliation Fees

  • A third subscription tier to be introduced and applied to clubs fielding very few runners in the previous season. The clubs are to be selected by the committee.
    The committee envisages that this rate for the coming season will be 50 and will apply to no more than five clubs.
    Note: new members will always pay the mid-rate in their first season.
    Proposed by the committee and seconded by David Vosser.
    The motion was passed.
  • To include the U11 age group as part of the formal race programme and competition within the Hampshire cross country league.
    Proposed by Kaye Adamson and seconded by Phil Budd.
    Kaye Adamson eloquently presented the case for the motion (see appendix).
    The motion was lost but it was agreed that a proposal to extend the lower age for Under 13s in the League should be put to an email vote.

Dates, Venues and Host Clubs for Season 2014/2015

Confirmed List:

Date Venue Host club
11 Oct 2014 Farley Mount Winchester & District AC
8 Nov 2014 Goodwood Chichester Runners and AC
6 Dec 2014 Popham Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC
10 Jan 2015 Prospect Park Reading AC
7 Feb 2015 King's Park Bournemouth AC

Election of Officers

The officers were re-elected, en bloc, proposed by David Vosser and seconded by John Hoare.

Presentation of Senior Awards

The awards from the last season for Under 20s, Seniors and Veterans were made, generally to representatives from the recipients' clubs. However, Daisy D'Santos and Sean Holmes were there to receive their awards in person.

Any Other Business

  • The committee asked that clubs supply a list in advance of the first fixture of their members likely to compete in each age group. It is hoped that this will ease the task of the results secretaries and improve the accuracy of the results. It would also be appreciated if the list could be updated with new members between fixtures.
  • The Ladies' Results Secretary emphasised that competition in the League is open only to members of clubs affiliated to the League and this should not be confused with organisations affiliated to Hampshire Athletics, as the League is independent of that association.
  • Ian Byett highlighted the fact that in some fixtures the winning Senior Men's team was made up largely of second claim athletes. Although this is within the rules, he asked the League to consider whether it is desirable.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

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Proposal from Southampton AC:
To include the U11 age group as part of the formal race programme and competition within the Hampshire Cross Country League.

My name is Kaye Adamson and I was the U11 cross country Team Manager for Southampton AC last season.

Southampton AC along with other Hampshire Athletics affiliated clubs such as Winchester, New Forest Juniors, City of Portsmouth, Basingstoke & Mid Hants, Chichester, Guernsey, Jersey, Andover, Reading, Wimborne, Aldershot, Camberley, IOW and others have thriving U11 sections within their clubs. As you are aware the U11 age group was very successfully trialled at the Hampshire Cross-Country Championships last year and the age group formally adopted as part of the championships this year with 109 U11 boys and girls competing. Similarly U11 races have been run at the discretion of organisers at Goodwood & King's Park in the last 2 years, for those in school years 5 + 6 and these have also been a huge success. They were very well managed by the host clubs and there were no parking issues as previously feared. At Southampton we have around 50 U11 girls and boys who enjoy running the longer distance, but at present the only Hampshire facility is the 600m element within quadkids in the summer.

Athletics clubs are flourishing in the post Olympic boom of interest in athletics and numbers of young athletes competing are at an all-time high. Most athletics clubs, like Southampton, begin membership at the age of 8 or 9 - School year 4 - and whilst we don't focus too much on performance at this age, learning to take part in competitions is an important part of development. The starting point to run at U13 is 11 years of age which for children with summer birthdays (like my daughter who won the U11 Hampshire Championship) means they can't run cross country at U13 until they reach school year 7, putting them at a disadvantage.

Adopting the U11 age group would mean the starting point to run at U11 is 9 years of age, which means all children in school years 5 & 6 and the older ones in year 4 would be able to compete.

I am asking that the League introduce an U11 age group into the cross country league for the coming season to provide competitive opportunity to the thriving U11 sections in many of its affiliated clubs and to help introduce cross country running to a new generation of young athletes.