Hampshire Cross Country League
Annual General Meeting
Friday 7 June 2013
River Park Leisure Centre, Winchester

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Ken Littlejohns (Chairman); Alan Ive (Secretary/Men's Results); Mike Scoggins (Treasurer); Pam Rogers (Ladies' Results); Wendy Littlejohns (BMHAC); Emma Scoggins; Mike Williams (Havant AC); Ray Stevens (Reading AC); Ian Byett (BMHAC); David Vosser (Winchester & District); Richie Pearson (Southampton); Franklyn Young (Winchester & District); Mary Axtell (Southampton); Alan Coveney (Winchester & District); Richard Dean (Hampshire AA); David Haines (Fleet & Crookham); Lucy May (Stubbington Green); Graeme Lowndes (Winchester & District); Mark Dennison (Overton Harriers); Marilyn Crocker (Victory AC); Noel O'Dowd (Eastleigh RC); Tim Wilding (New Forest Junior AC); Mick Anglim (Hardley Runners); Ian Banks (Hardley Runners); Mark Pavey (Poole AC)


Helen Dobinson (Andover); Phil Baker (Chichester); Ian Graham (Bournemouth); Tim Richardson (Reading)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm. All present were asked to introduce themselves.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Read, accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting held on 29th July 2012.

Matters Arising


Chairman's Report

The Chairman commented on once again achieving the full five fixtures and thanked the clubs who organised them.

Secretary's Report

Alan commented on a small increase in total numbers of competitors for the series.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer presented the accounts for the past season.

Copies of the accounts were circulated and are attached. Expenditure over Income was 687.70. This was greater than the previous season, due to late presentation of an invoice from 2011. David Vosser was thanked for auditing the accounts. Acceptance was proposed by Mike Williams, seconded by Mark Dennison.

A vote of thanks to the retiring Treasurer was proposed by Ian Byett.

New Membership Affiliation/Resignation

There was nothing to report at this early stage.

Change of League Name

The new name, Destination Basingstoke Hampshire Cross Country League, was adopted, in recognition of new sponsorship.

Amendments to Constitution/Affiliation Fees

  • The proposal from the committee for a reduced affiliation fee plus a fee for each runner for each race was lost.
    The general feeling of the meeting was that a two tier affiliation fee structure would be more acceptable, with the top 6 clubs (who provide in excess of 200 finishers per season) paying 150 and the remaining clubs 90.
    This proposal will be put to the clubs for an email vote as soon as possible.
  • The proposal from Winchester to reinstate the Farley Mount fixture in the 2014/2015 season was not voted on, as it is dependent on costs.
  • The proposal from Winchester for Under 11 races to be added formally to the League was lost.

Dates, Venues and Host Clubs for Season 2013/2014

Confirmed List:

Date Venue Host club
19 Oct 2013 Prospect Park Reading AC
9 Nov 2013 Goodwood Chichester Runners and AC
30 Nov 2013 Popham Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC
11 Jan 2014 King's Park Bournemouth AC
8 Feb 2014 Hudson's Field City of Salisbury ARC

Election of Officers

The officers were re-elected, with the exception of the Treasurer. An offer to stand for election as Treasurer was received from Liz Flitcroft (BMHAC) via the Chairman and she was duly elected.

Presentation of Popplewell Trophy

No nominations had been received.

Graeme Lowndes commented that this was a poor show and subsequently submitted a name.

It was agreed that the deadline for further nominations should be extended to the end of August.

Any Other Business

The Ladies' Results Secretary suggested that presentations should take place at the AGM, rather than the last fixture.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

2:09 Events Hampshire Cross Country League
Accounts for year ended 31st May 2013

Income 2012/13 2011/12 Expenditure 2012/13 2011/12
Subscriptions 2480.00 2170.00 Affiliation to EA 50.00 0.00
Sponsorship 500.00 500.00 Hall Hire AGM 33.70 32.00
Bank Interest 1.79 1.80 Trophies & engraving 503.24 469.06
      Results envelopes 0.00 230.88
      Popplewell trophy 6.50 6.50
      Fixture Costs    
      Facilities Hire 1045.00 1052.50
      Portaloo Hire 1396.25 954.00
      First Aid cover 585.80 565.40
      Total Fixture Costs 3176.05 2571.90
Overall Totals 2981.79 2671.80   3769.49 3310.34
Excess Expenditure over Income   -787.70 -638.54
League funds      
Brought forward from 2011/12   5067.07  
Deduct excess Expenditure over Income   -787.70  
Balance at 31st May 2013   4279.37  
Represented by: Current Account 1082.89  
  Deposit Account 3196.48  
  Cash in Hand 0.00  
Total   4279.37  

Note: The current account contains the residue of the monies donated towards the Popplewell Trophy. There was expenditure of 6-50 on the Trophy and the balance now stands at 37-00.

Mike Scoggins
Hon. Treasurer
4 June 2013

Cost by Activity

  Farley Mount      
    Toilets 378.00  
    Course charge 720.00 1098.00 
    Toilets 473.25  
    First Aid cover 160.00 633.25
    Toilets 198.00  
    Facilities hire 175.00  
    First Aid cover 145.00 518.00
    Toilets 312.00  
    Facilities hire 50.00  
    First Aid cover 184.80 546.80
    Toilets 35.00  
    Facilities hire 100.00  
    First Aid cover 96.00 231.00
  Match totals     3027.05
Other costs        
    Trophies & engraving 503.24  
    EA affiliation 50.00  
    Admin 33.70  
    Goodwood arrears 149.00  
    Popplewell Trophy 6.50  
Total       3769.49

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