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EnterHampshire Athletics mini Grand Prix
Basingstoke - Wednesday 28 August

Closing date: Friday 23 August

Please read before entering the mini Grand Prix

  1. This is an Open event - you do not need to have been born or resident in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight or the Channel Islands.
  2. Payment will be taken by PayPal, using your PayPal account if you have one, or using your debit or credit card if you prefer. There is no extra charge for using this service.
  3. Please use the buttons at the foot of each page for navigating through the entry process rather than the forward and backward arrows on your internet browser. The online forms have been tested using the most common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera).

1.  Athlete's details

Fill in as directed, then click the Next button.

2.  Events entered

Tick the box next to each event that you wish to enter, and enter your previous best performance if you have one, then click the Next button.

3.  Check entry details

Check that all the details entered on the previous two pages are correct. Then:

  • For a single entry, click the Pay now button.
  • Or, if you want to enter any more athletes, click the Next button. This will add your entry to your PayPal shopping cart. Then click Continue Shopping and enter the next athlete's details as you did before. When you have finished entering athletes, click Check Out to pay for your entries.
    Please check your shopping cart before paying, to make sure that you are only paying for the entries that you want. Any entries that have been left over from previous events should be removed.

Follow the PayPal instructions. You can Cancel and return to Hampshire Athletics at any point until you pay.

After payment, you can click Return to Merchant and view your entry details.

Within a few minutes, you should receive an email from PayPal confirming your payment and an email from Hampshire Athletics acknowledging your entry.

Important: PayPal does not release any sensitive information to Hampshire Athletics about your payment details. We do collect your transaction and receipt id's to check that you've paid for your entry.

4.  Thank you for your entry

You can print your entry details for future reference. We will not refund any entry fees for online (or postal) entries after they have been accepted.

Later, normally on the same day or the following day, we will verify your entry and payment, and send you a confirmation email.

Thank you for using this service.

Entry enquiries

Show my entryAfter you've entered, you can click the button to show your entry details

As well as checking your entry details, you can also update your PBs: if you have improved your PB in one of your chosen events, you can change it here.

Athlete registration

This does not apply to Under 11 athletes entering the mini Grand Prix.

At the start of April 2016, new UKA Rules for Competition came into effect which included important changes regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules (these rules apply in competitions for the Under 13 Age Group and above).

It will be all the more important athletes check that their registration with England Athletics has been renewed for the 2019-20 season.

It is therefore important that competing athletes ensure they are up to date with payment of their club subscriptions and that, when due, their 'club subs' are renewed promptly so that their England Athletics athlete registration fee can be paid.

The registrations of all athletes entering the Grand Prix will be checked. It will be helpful and save time if you can specify your England Athletics registration number on your entry form, but this is not essential - your entry will be checked anyway.

You will be informed if you aren't registered or your registration is out of date, in which case please ensure that you are correctly registered before the Grand Prix.

PLEASE NOTE: As it is not possible for an individual to register with England Athletics other than through an affiliated club, no unattached athletes can be accepted in the Grand Prix. However, we can accept entries from unattached athletes studying at schools and colleges which are affiliated to Hampshire Schools' AA - please write the name of your school or college in the Club box instead.

Updating your PBs

To update your PBs for your Grand Prix or mini Grand Prix events:

  • Click Show my entry to access your entry details, then
  • Click Update your PBs. Enter any new PBs for the events that you have entered.

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